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Writing Challenge March 2019


Challenge: Do you consider yourself lucky? Why or why not?


Tree removed, chip pile on the right.



Publishers Clearing House hasn’t dropped by with the bouquet of helium balloons, champagne, and that gigantic check with a zillion zeros. They sent a letter telling me not to look dumb-founded when they arrived with TV cameras. You never know, they have my address.


My luck comes in waves of putting in the hard work. Other times it happens when I listen to those voices or intuition that’s plugged into my brain.


When I was 6, towards the end of the year I changed schools. One group of girls that agreed to play with me via the teacher’s request for volunteers, wanted to play house in the woods behind the school. Another group of girls invited me to join them on the swings. The swing offer won. For 2 days I soared back and forth on those swings in high heaven with joy. Then crickets, no one wanted to play with me. The voice in my head had told me “no” to the swings, but I was young and naïve.


Years of experience, I now learn to listen.


Was painting the living room and had placed several items out in the garage one being a glass lamp. I had my hand on the doorknob and a foot on the step to go back into the kitchen. Stopped dead in my tracks with a message to turn around and move the lamp over 5 or 6 inches. I thought it was silly. Since no one else was around, I would just humor my mind and go do it. Went in the garage a few hours later, the ladder had fallen to the floor where the lamp once stood.


My luck comes with doing everything what is necessary then let life take the direction it wants and accept the outcome. Not everything happens according to my time schedule or plans.


I woke up in a panic in December at 3 am, with the verbal words and visual in caps, I guess to emphasis the importance. “WE NEED TO GET THE TREE DOWN… NOW!” In my vision, I am sure it was a 72-point font.


Someone came out the next week to provide an estimate. Liked what he said and scheduled for the tree removal. Heart sunk, the earliest date was February 12th. The howling winds were a test of faith during the wait.


The 12th arrived, and the men removed the tree. It sprinkled as they were finishing. That night it snowed, and we had 6 inches on the ground by morning. Unusual for our area and the trees big, small, young, and old became victims of the cold shock.


To call a day later in December, my decaying tree might have damaged the garage and house.


Blessed or lucky, not sure, sometimes I strive real hard and nothing happens. Is it luck, intuition, karma, or my guardian angel watching out for me? I will take it any way it comes.


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