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working with a freelance copywriter on your marketing campaign (Anderson, CA)

Wrong marketing can be costly.

You build a product, a copywriter helps you sell it.


Simple… or is it?


You created a fantastic product. This was easy for you.


But how do you convince others your product is the best? And they can’t live without your product.


Who are your competitors? Is their name well-known in the market? What chance do you have when you enter the market they are holding? Can you provide a better experience for a potential customer?


What makes your product unique and superior to your competition?


Do you have any testimonials? Who are your satisfied customers? Have you had many returns and for what reasons?

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Who is best served by your product?


What is your story?


How do you win over loyal customers from their brand to your new product?


Do you have a profile of your ideal customer?


Do you know the reasons why someone would use your product?


Do you know what your ideal customer loses sleep over at night?


Do you understand why your product is the answer to their deepest concerns?


If you can’t figure out how to convince one ideal customer to switch brands how can you hope to convince a hundred?


If your product appears to be no different from your competitor, do you know how to find the words to make yours more impressive?


Do you know why your ideal customer uses your competitor’s brand?


Do you know why they choose one brand over another?


How does your competitor market their product? Do they have a great marketing campaign? How many years in the market place?


Some marketers believe “free” only applies to the product. If someone has to pay for shipping and handling to get your “free” product… it is NOT free! If you can’t get someone to pay for your product, getting them to pay for S & H will not produce much response. Asking them to buy one and get a second one free, is nothing more than half price… which is also NOT free!


Give them something such as a coupon they can take to the store in exchange for your free product. Or give them something useful they can download.


Did you know giving samples to “only interested people” will be a bigger return on your investment? Go to events where a business hands out samples of their product. Many uninterested people will take the sample and it will often end up in the garbage when they get home, with no plans of a future purchase.


Many questions, yes. But not knowing the answers can cause your marketing plan to fail before it ever gets off the ground.


You can waste advertising dollars on the wrong marketing. Some businesses believe the more people are aware of them the better. But if they are spending time and money on the wrong potential clients, their ROI flounders.


Someone who understands how to answer and address the above questions can move your marketing plan forward in the right direction.


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