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Women and Banks

women and business and finance

Credit Cards and Women


Oh my! Irritated! I have a store credit card in MY NAME. I get an email wishing my hubby a Happy Birthday and a reward for his birthday month! WHAT, it is my birthday month, not his and the card is in my name not his.


I have a bank credit card in my name with hubby’s name as secondary person. He gets the email saying use it or they will cancel it. WHAT! Why wasn’t I sent the email?


Same bank. I can’t see all the credit cards that have both our names, via the online version. I asked the bank why, but the answer makes no sense. Something about not all the cards are shown due to space. WHAT! This is online, why isn’t there enough space? At least they are not showing my personal savings account on his online information.


I wonder why women don’t get top billing when it comes to banks. Sometimes they make more money than men. It is a backwards thinking of 50 years ago.


Discrimination Unconstitutional

Women were denied their own credit cards until 1974, even if they had plenty of income to afford the financial commitment. A card could be issued under her husband’s name. For unmarried women they would need a male family member to be a co-signer. By 1971 the Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional.


In 1974 the Senate passed the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, making it illegal to discriminate against someone based on their gender, race, religion and national origin.


Bank Accounts and Fairness

Commingling money makes financial sense. You can avoid bank fees and obtain interest (although minuscule today).  Overdraft protection is a plus by combing various accounts. But both parties should be aware of all combined accounts that have dual names on it. Yes, the bank has my email address. I feel they should inform both of us when there is a dual account issue of any kind.


I took about 3K out of my savings account and put in our checking account. Wrote a check to myself to auto deposit online to my investment account. (To transfer from my bank to the other account; the bank wanted a large fee.) So I use the method stated. My bank now emails hubby to find out if it is okay to process the check. WHY doesn’t the bank at least, email us both? Still in the dark ages where women have little influence on finances.


Women and Equality

Same as when we bought a car a number of years ago. I was going to be driving it the most and would be paying for it. I requested that the dealer put my name first, which they did. But down the line the DMV put both our names and of course mine appeared second.


The claim is equality, but as much as I like to believe, it will probably be lacking in many aspects of society. Skepticism of a woman’s ability would be prominent in the financial world. If women made progress in what has always been defined as a predominately man’s expertise it will only be amplified as a success if a woman tries much harder than a man. Yet I wonder if they will get the respect from men or even other women.


There are always roles that men and women have been associated with over the years. To name a few of much earlier times. Women were nurses, airline flight attendants, secretaries, teachers. Today we know that many of those roles have also included men. Referring again to roles; we all thought of doctors, dentists, mail carriers, truck drivers, fire fighters, and police officers to be men. Although men still hold many of those roles, they are no longer exclusive to one gender.


Women and Success

Women have started companies with only women employees. An excellent way to prove women have business savvy. Too many very smart women are not recognized or appreciated for their incredible talent and expertise. In general women are not risk takers. More inclined  to be equipped with a calculated plan to be an achiever. Their level of intuition is more defined and less likely to jeopardize their working capital.


Read a report on women and buying stocks. They usually fair better than men. They are not as likely to take risks. And go for small steady investments. In the end the slow and steady will allow one to sleep peacefully at night. Safe investments with dividends out perform over the years and are a potential growth maker.



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