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What You Think You See


What is your process for creating your product?


Ever believe something to be true and found out it is not?


I lived in a rental house for over 2 years, believing all the cupboards fronts and doors were an off white. Sun streaming in the window one evening and at the same time wondering why the paint was wearing off at the knob on the top cupboard. Appeared odd due to the fact the silverware drawer was used more often.


I looked and did a double take. Stood back and looked across the room at the other lower cabinets. The others matched except the long one under the kitchen sink. The large row of bottom cabinets were white on that side of the room. Surprised to say the least!

Property of 2-12-2018

The whole house is painted an off beige white. Yet I assumed the kitchen cupboards to be the same, so I never questioned it. Only with the light shining in on them and taking the time to study them did I recognize the cupboards were white.


Now I wonder why they bothered to paint them or why didn’t they paint the one set of cabinets the same. A puzzle for sure. But not noticing for over 2 years is even a bigger mystery.


How many other things in life we never pay attention to, only because we assume they should be a certain way? I always considered myself to be pretty observant, but obviously not!


Are you ignoring valuable information?


So I wonder what we leave out considering it to not be important enough?


Obvious to us because we know our business, but might be odd to those that don’t. How many details do you leave out of your business description or product? Those simple things could be what your customer needs to make an informed decision on your product. Leave out the details and you might lose a sale.


Just because most businesses use the same process to create their product, doesn’t mean your potential customer knows. Your competitor may leave out the process because he perceives it to be unimportant or, speculates the customer doesn’t care. Someone not in the business would be unaware of what you do to create your product. Inform them and you rise above your competitor.


Example: Mrs. Smith’s chocolate cake tastes better than Mrs. Brown’s. They both used a chocolate cake mix from a box of the same brand, used the same pans, and cooked at the same oven temperature. Both added eggs and oil as directed on the package. What Mrs. Smith replaced the water with made the difference. She added a can of beets she finely chopped and drained, reserving the liquid to replace the water in the mix, adding enough extra water to follow the recipe. You could not see or taste the beets, but the cake was a super moist delicious tasting chocolate cake.


What makes your product unique, can be what tips the scale in your favor. Don’t leave info out and lose a sale because you assume your product is not special.




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