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Wasting Space On Advertising


Direct Mail Campaigns


direct marketing what is your ROI

Are you throwing money away on your marketing budget?


If you are running a direct mail campaign, every inch matters. Do you need that picture? An ad with a picture that serves no purpose is a waste of precious selling space. It will not generate more sales to justify the expense. You are paying for postage and paper in direct mail marketing.


People are not looking for attractive ads, they are looking for attractive offers. Don’t distract the buyer with fancy pictures or graphics…unless what you are selling is pictures or graphics. The more informed the customer is of your product or service will help them determine if they want to purchase.


Too much white space, large print, unnecessary pictures can bust the budget with little return. Yes, you have a nice flyer or brochure but the expense cannot justify the cost. The correct words matter in every aspect of the selling process.

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Identify what you are trying to sell is key to write good sales copy. How does the product benefit the prospective customer? Not the features of the product, but how will the customer feel after they own your product.


Will they have more time to spend with family? Will they feel good about themselves or get compliments from others by using your product? Is not that they will lose 20 lbs, but how they will feel fitting into beautiful clothes or adored by their spouse.


Bottom line for a business, is ROI


Without a good handle on this a business can fail. Can you or your staff write a good ad? The expense of direct mail or paying for ad space can be costly. You can waste money on the wrong ad. Might be an attractive ad, but could be done with less space and a better return on your dollar.


If your ads don’t return a decent profit, you need to find out why. You can’t sell to people. Nobody likes a pushy salesperson. If your ads come across that way to a potential customer they will discard your ad. And what a shame. Your product may be exactly what they need to help them.


Are you marketing to the right audience?


Get it wrong and your ROI will be in shambles.


You can make a good product, but maybe not so good at selling it. This is where copywriters can bridge the gap to your customers.


How to hold the customer’s interest long enough for them to read through your sales copy takes a certain skill. Captivate them by the headlines or you may lose them. Direct ads, emails, newsletters, sales funnels, etc. are all subject to the trash bin.


Capture, hold, and convert. Capture their interest. Hold their attention through your ad. Convert to a sale at the end.


How is your ROI?


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