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Writing Honestly From the Heart

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Honesty means you may have to actually work


writing without stealing

Write your own content.

The morality of honesty is seriously lacking in some folks. It’s not okay to take others written work and claim as your own.


The practice of using software that spins articles only leaves the thief looking foolish. The article is difficult to read and with what appears to be serious grammar errors.


You read the article over and wonder what they are saying. Maybe a typo, but when the error keeps coming up, conclusion this must be stolen.



Justify being a thief?


This reminds me of a person years ago that was so adamant he never stole from stores. His defense was he only changed the price tags!


I am sure he never took a higher price tag and put it on a cheaper item. Yet in his warped mind of reasoning he wasn’t stealing!

Property of 2-12-2018

Because of dishonest people, we now have “perforated hard to remove tags” on our products.


All written work is copyrighted by law (exceptions*)


Unscrupulous folks who take writers articles, change a few words then call themselves authors live a lie. Living a lie can eat at your soul. Are they happy, or do they ever wonder why their lives are a mess?


Would they steal from their grandmother or their kid’s piggy banks? Sure, if they needed the money.


When you write from the heart that glimmer of enthusiasm is created. A passion in the words constructed on the page will flow.


You can embrace the emotion, the sparkle and shine in the author’s eyes as you read the words.


With pride and integrity you will write your own words.

To use ideas is not stealing


People will borrow from what you write and say. We all learn from each other. It only becomes a problem when they copy word for word your content.


The unfortunate part, others can steal your hard work. You have a choice of holding your writing close, which no one will ever read. Give your words to the world and people could steal it.


You are the creator and no one can ever take that from you, no one!


*Note: exceptions as in some government writings



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