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You never know until you put your fork in and try.


Ever felt ripped off at a restaurant?


Might not have been terrible, but still leaves a bitter experience you care not to repeat.


Out with a group of 15 the other night trying a new place to eat.  


I enjoy Mexican food. The places have ranged from inedible to delicious.


First impressions can leave you with high hopes

Property of 2-14-2018

Nice restaurant decorated with burgundy walls and shiny black tables. It looks as if the place had a recent facelift. The bathroom, a pleasant surprise of a beach decor and summer garden fragrances.


Bowls of red, blue, and yellow chips placed on the tables. Accompanied with bowls of delicious bean dip and salsa.


With high expectations I ordered my favorite. Cheese enchilada, refried beans, and rice.


Finally, dinner arrived…


The first bite, what a disappointment!


The beans far too salty, the rice was bland, and the enchilada had very little sauce.


You should be able to cut the enchilada with a fork. I needed a knife. The cheese lacked flavor, and the tortilla was hard. Big disappointment.


Not ruin the nice evening with friends and complain, I ate.


And it got worse.


The bill came, and they added the gratuity. That irritates me. If the words on the menu read “orders will have gratuities added to the bill”, but it didn’t. (Don’t take me wrong, I give tips). What a sneaky way of doing business. On the bottom of the slip they had 15% = $—, 18% = $—, 20% = $—. They chose 18% for my bill. WHAT! Now if that wasn’t bad enough.


Yes, one more slam to the pocketbook!


When I got my change back she only returned the bills ($6) and kept the 87 cents. This translates gratuity to approximately 21%.


Any other day my irritation would have surfaced, from added gratuities, why 18% gratuity, and the demand for my correct change back.


Will I go back again?


Perhaps, if the group wants to go. If there are future visits, I will be ready for their unscrupulous ways. Sure they will add the gratuities and I will question why and how they came up with the decision of 18%. Before ordering I will check the menu to see if “gratuities added” are in writing. Will calculate the correct change prior to paying the bill. Do not appreciate being fleeced!


If a next time, I will order something different from the menu. Won’t go with the intentions of having a great Mexican dinner.


When you don’t deliver on your service, customers think twice of doing business with you. The best advertisement is “word of mouth”, so always treat your customers like they are diamonds. Without them you don’t have a business.


I considered putting my experience with the restaurant on Yelp… but will hold for another time.




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