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Too Many Choices


Are You Giving Your Prospective Customers Too Many Choices?


Too many choices in marketing products

Help! I can’t decide.


A Greek family owned restaurant, had been around for many years with very little competition, with a loyal clientele. An outrageous sandwich collection on the menu covering two pages with small print and no pictures. Huge and delicious sandwiches with great side salads, etc.


The breakfast menu also enormous. Big dinner menu, but the food was nothing special.


Large breakfast menu easy to accomplish with the many combinations of eggs, pancakes, waffles, bacon, etc. But with sandwiches the list of ingredients of crab, shrimp, numerous meats, cheese, avocados, etc. soon spoil and need to be tossed.


I loved the crab and shrimp sandwiches served on various choices of bread. They were not a seafood restaurant or even by the ocean. A large choice of seafood sandwiches for people visiting the waterfront would then make sense. 

Property of 2-12-2018

When new restaurants came in with their modest menus, the restaurant suffered.


Not sure if they thought an upgrade would help boost sales, but they closed for a remodeling endeavor. When they reopened customers came back.


More is not always better


They raised their prices, which seemed fair enough with the amount of food they put on your plate, still a bargain. But they missed the mark on this decision. People did not want a massive plate of food. Been wiser to keep the same prices, take off the garnishes, and serve a few less french fries. The menu, down-sized to a more manageable assortment.


Too many choices put them into a spiral downwards and soon they went out of business, selling the building to a franchise. If they had made smarter changes to the business, the outcome would have been different. The location being ideal and customer possibility increasing as new buildings were being constructed in the area.


Too many choices and you lose sales


We all like lots of choices, but in reality we actually don’t. In marketing when given too many choices we are inclined to not make any choice. If people have 3 choices, they can make a decision quickly, but if given 10 things to choose from it will be much more difficult. They may end up not making any choice for fear of making the wrong one.



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