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Selling With Compassion


We are all Consumers


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Treat your customers like valued friends.


Put yourself in the position of your customer and you will understand the need for compassion in selling. We all hate the pushy sales person.


You barely walk in the store and they are asking if they can help you. You want to scream, “back off I just got in here, let me look around first”!


They might mean well and are very eager to make a sale. Most of the time they lack finesse of how to treat a potential customer.


Salespeople need to be taught


Restraint is in order. The novice young sales associate has been thrown into the ring of competing with seasoned coworkers. With little training if any, given to teach them how to “provide benefits” to the customer.

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Unless the customer can understand the advantages for them, they will take their business elsewhere. A pushy salesperson will have them scrambling to get to the door and abruptly leaving in a “cloud of dust”.


Don’t underestimate a prospective customer. If they feel your only interest is making them part with their hard earned cash, you lose.


Treat your customers like valued friends


The goal is not what you make off of Mr. Jones today, it’s about building a long-term relationship. A friendship with Mr. Jones will pay big dividends. Even if he never purchases high price items from you. He becomes your ambassador in the public.


Friends refer other friends when the experience is amazing. Mr. Jones is much more valuable to you than the twenty dollar item he buys from you. If you give Mr. Jones, the same care you would give a customer spending a thousand dollars, he will feel special and will comeback.


People buy from people they like. If the experience is great, they may not check around and find the cheapest price elsewhere. This means you get repeat business and many more referrals.

Online is no different from brick and mortar


The same holds true for an online business. If you are the one with solutions to problems for your prospective customers, they will trust you and buy from you.


You can build friendships and respect with people even if you never physically meet with them and shake their hand. I have made friends with people in Scotland, India, Australia, and many other places.


The internet makes it a small world for us. I will never go to those countries to meet them and doubt any will come to visit me. But that doesn’t make it less of a friendship. True it is a different friendship than one in your own home town.


Online you build a bond of trust and respect. If you want to succeed online, you must nurture this relationship, these are the folks that will sing your praise. Honoring this is important. You want to be known as one with compassion and integrity.


Always remember bad news travels faster than good news. In the end your reputation is what matters.



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