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My preference is email communication.


Dread playing phone tag or the wait for a call-back. Email eliminates the stress and wasted time. The email gives you time to check over what you wrote and then you hit send. Sometimes you hit send too soon, done that a few more times than I care to mention. Five minutes later I realize the wrong word was used!


Email gives the receiver time to respond a thoughtful reply. At least you hope! Emails get lost or deleted. If not a priority to the recipient after opening the email, you may never receive a reply.


Live Chat easy and fast


Never thought I would like the Live Chat feature companies use on their websites. But had a pleasant surprise in a recent purchase. Completed via email and Live Chat for the final details.

Property of 2-17-2018

Months prior to the purchase I filled out a request for samples of an engraved product. Delighted with the samples, the next decision, how to design the engraving. On the website is a program you can design and see the final results.


Still needed answers for the project before I could go to others for approval of purchase, Live Chat was the perfect place to start.


By the end of the conversation my questions were answered and an email of the discount offer came to my inbox.


Took my proposal to the first group of gate-keepers and then to the recipient of the project. Once approved, on to the Board of Directors for the approval of purchase.


With the code for the discount I tried to place my order. The code was no longer valid. The email said valid to the 17th, today was only the 15th and my Live Chat conversation promised this code good until the 29th.


On to Live Chat to get the problem solved. Of course I did not get the same person. Now I had the task to convince the new person to honor the discount. The need to involve a manager became apparent. I copied the email and sent it to her in the Live Chat format. Soon my discount code became valid, and I continued with my order.


Written and recorded agreements important


Written agreements are easier to justify being honored. Live Chat should be kept on file at least for a decent length of time. The follow up email I received from the company sealed the deal. The written communications produced the larger discount.


Less frustration than trying to reason with someone over the phone. Especially if you have to refer to communications you had with someone earlier. On the Live Chat format being able to copy and paste the original email for them to read right away helped to expedite my discount approval.


Live Chat works in a business if someone is quick to respond and answer questions. My questions on sales taxes, set-up fees, logo fees, shipping fees and what fees might recur for future orders were answered.


Live Chat can be more of a problem when you need technical support. Short dialog back-and-forth works better. But when a product is being sold, Live Chat can answer questions quicker to satisfy the consumer. Email back-up is nice to confirm on the behalf of the buyer.


Better than Facebook messaging


Facebook messaging is fine when you are trying to communicate with friends. The downside, you are counting on them being available at the moment. The messaging works well if they can’t talk on the phone but can message you.


I suppose a business could use Facebook messaging in the same way as Live Chat. A process which many consumers might not be so eager doing. For a small business that might be fine, but if the company is big enough, the Live Chat makes sense. Success depends on the business using Live Chat. With a straight forward product that is not complicated to explain the process… like my engraved 100 item purchase.




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