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Selling with Video or Content


Video is King?


want to pause video

Alternative…provide a transcript or allow for the pause to work. Stop irritating your potential customer.


Many marketeers say video is the way to go. I will take a bold stand and say “not so fast”!


Video forces a person to spend the designated minutes to watch. If you prefer not to read, then video is great.


I like to read information for a few reasons. Can start or finish when I want, no need to devote a block of uninterrupted time. Can make notes and reread the material¬† later. With videos, you either write fast or you don’t take notes, unless it has a pause button.


Written content, such as a PDF, might allow the reader to highlight the passages. The ability to highlight interesting information to reference can be what sways a reader into a buyer.

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Another reason I’m not a fan of videos. You are locked into a time frame. Will someone want your attention in the middle? Not an ideal situation for a multi-tasker. Frustrating to have a 45 minute sales video, you just want to get the highlights. The video is so long and soon you lose interest. “Let me jump to the bottom and see if I want your product…quit wasting my precious time!”


The phone rings in the middle of the video, you want to answer, but you want to finish watching. With no controls available, you can’t stop the video. Do you sit through the first part again and risk being interrupted once more? A big dilemma for a potential customer, dare you take the risk?


The ideal situation with Videos and Content


Sometimes there are options. Video, transcript, or a page with more information. If as a marketeer you can provide all three, you are responding to different people’s preferences. Your ideal audience can have varied life situations and this addresses them.


When people read content online, many times they skim through the “headings“. If it sparks their interest they will start from the beginning and read the content.


Videos can enhance your selling but is not ideal to have it as your only selling tool.



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