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A Day in the Life of a Cat

First written in 2012 updated 2019

Maggie Lilac Point Siamese

A Day in the Life of My Cats

Exciting life of my indoor only cats.

This will be a light-hearted account of two spoiled Siamese.


How the day starts

This is how their day goes.  Get up when the family is awake and find a new place to sleep.  Great… heater is on!  Go crash by the heater to warm toes and ears.  Heater just shut off.  Time to get on the back of the sofa cushion.  It resembles a comfy hammock as they sleep there every day. Get up sometime within the next 4 hours and use the litter box, may get a drink of water and a few bites of dry cat food. At 10 AM Maggie gets her medicine, everybody goes back to sleep.


Some interruptions

Their daily routine interrupted by their owners talking. Which requires an investigation, and an interjection of their 2 cents worth on the subject. How can their owners function without them!


By 2 or 3 in the afternoon the sun is now shining in the front window.  Sneak through the curtain and take up residence on the windowsill. Thaw out for a half hour.  Get out of the window and lay on the back of the love seat. The sun shining on the curtain makes it warm.  If the cat bed is still on the love seat, they will jump down and take another nap.  (Sometimes the bed is in the laundry basket.)


Napping is over, time for action

By 4:30 they are up and in owners space doing a lot of meowing to remind them time to get busy and start dinner.  Requested menu is chicken, beef or salmon.  As hard as they persist, does not always work in their favor.


Molly Blue Point Siamese

Routine alert

By 7:15 PM it is now time to sound the alarm.  Maggie starts her loud howling and Molly sounds out this pathetic little starving meow.  Sort of like; good cop, bad cop!  They keep at this routine until we respond to their cries by the usual 7:45 feeding.  Ever since Maggie was sick and had lost weight, we have been giving her a jar of baby food (they prefer ham or beef).  They both sit on the sofa either side of me. One being finger fed while the other eats out of the jar.  They have got the routine down to a fine art.


Now they are happy and sit on laps and get petted.  Sometimes Molly takes off and plays with her favorite toy or does a run through the house at top notch speed for five minutes.


 So the day ends

Maggie gets her second dose of medicine sometime between 8:30 and 10 PM.  By 10 PM it is time for bed and that ends a typical day in the life of my cats.  Only interrupted by phone conversations, the vacuum cleaner, owner’s conversations or company.  Which the former, will keep them awake longer and require more sleep the next day.

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