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Sample of a Blog Post for a Mattress Company (fictitious)

Running on Empty, Struggling to Survive


My family tipped toed around the house in the morning until I drank my first cup of Joe. Coffee helped to cheer me up but didn’t fix the lack of sleep each night. Falling asleep during lunch break and on the sofa when I got home was taking a toll on my health.


Secretly I thought I was running on borrowed time, waiting for an accident to happen while driving home from work. Couldn’t keep up with this sleep deprivation much longer.


Forty Winks came to my rescue.


The day my mattress arrived was a blessing. Apprehensive and optimistic for a good night’s sleep, I crawled in bed.


Wow, the allure of being cuddled up in a cloud of bliss.


Smiled as the luxury overwhelmed my exhausted, aching body. I drifted off to dreamland.


It had been decades since I slept through the night. When the alarm went off, I jumped out of bed eager to begin the day.


I had forgotten how wonderful a good night’s sleep felt.


It thrilled the kids I was in a cheery mood that morning. My coworkers wondered if I won the lottery.


Skeptical for the next few weeks.


One perfect night doesn’t guarantee it will happen each time I curl up in my new Forty Winks Twilight gel memory foam mattress. Glad to say my fears were unfounded.


Twilight mattress: an insurance policy for my health and family.


Sleep deprivation can cause accidents, heart attacks, strokes, and play havoc with your health.


It can ruin relationships with family, friends, and coworkers.


Don’t let sleep deprivation rob your quality of existence.


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