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Is Your Marketing Weak?


is your marketing weak

          Not everyone is your ideal customer.


Are you apologetic when you email or phone someone?


Do you proclaim to justify the intrusion because they might be interested? If you know your customer, then you will realize you have something of value.


Never apologize for interrupting their day if they could use what you are selling or your services. Is the product valuable? Do they even need your product? Maybe they don’t know they need it?


The knowledge you have of your client is what the copywriter can build a persuasive sales campaign.


Who is your ideal customer?

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No, it is not whoever throws money your way.


Oh, how we all wish we could drop a line and reel them in like fish. But even when you fish, you need the correct hook and bait to get the kind of fish you want. You cannot interest a sardine to your line if your are trying to catch a salmon.


So not all people are your ideal customers. What are their interests? How old are they? Are they homeowners? Are they married? Do they have children? Are they retired? The list can go on and on until you find the right combination.


You waste valuable time and money marketing to the wrong people.


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As a copywriter:

I help businesses grow through marketing.

Bringing products and services to the world.