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Impromptu Writing Challenge October 2018


Option 1 Challenge:


Oh, I am so sorry, but pumpkin spice latte season ended yesterday! What else can I get you?


“Thank you sir, you rescued me from my addiction.” How can anyone lose weight when tantalized with intoxicating delights? “Black coffee is fine,” I replied.


Not fine at all.


Who was I kidding?


I was having a major meltdown and sugar withdrawal symptoms. How can I get through the morning?


The scales have crept upwards each week. I wanted to blame the dog or my kid’s birthday party, even my neighbor. But it was that darn pumpkin spice latte 5 days a week for the past month.


Before the latte entered the picture, it was a chocolate covered creamy custard filled donut once a week, but I was losing weight. Then along came the pumpkin spice latte. Not tempted to try it, but my friend brought me one on a bitter cold October morning. It tasted so good. I savored each sip. Weakness prevailed, and I was hooked.


Yes, we are still friends.


Was desperate to find her weak point and justify revenge for being so vulnerable to the temptation of that decadent pumpkin latte.


The only thing that tempts her into submission is cute cuddly kittens, and they can’t plot against her bathroom scales.


She could daily consume a few of those insane drinks, eat a donut, and never gain an ounce. One of those people you love to hate, but sweet as she is, you have to adore her.


Only solution is to stay away from coffee shops in case they sell a make-at-home-brew. Maybe they do, if so, please don’t tell me. It could destroy any hopes to get back into the little black dress, or a swimsuit figure by the summer that didn’t resemble a manatee in a bikini.


You can work it off, they say. Sure, but you have never seen me in yoga pants.


Who dreams up those concoctions? Don’t they know people find it hard to resist?


Are they in cahoots with clothing manufacturers? Wore my new skinny jeans twice and now they don’t fit.


Going to boycott pumpkin spice latte and any other yummy chocolate, caramel, or peppermint drinks. This has gone on too long. Soon I will need an extra-large Mrs. Claus costume before the Christmas cookie season gets into full swing.


Plain coffee, no donuts, forget the cookies; will nibble on celery sticks for the rest of the season.


 At least until December…



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