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Host Family Gift Baskets & How to Send Them

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 How to pick a good gift basket for a host family.


International Gifts

In some cultures its customary to bring a host family gift with you and to “present” it when entering the home. Other cultures find it customary to send a gift after you’ve left as a way to show gratitude for the hospitality and experiences they shared with you. But how do you know what to send and what is culturally appropriate. 


Below you’ll find a few ways to get started with everything from a gift upon arrival, sending something after or even to celebrate if you keep in touch as someone in the family gets married, graduates or is celebrating a birthday.


Let’s start with the best memories of your visit.


One way to show your appreciation is to think about some of the most memorable moments from your stay.  Is there a varietal of wine like cabernet or rioja that the family always poured for you first.  Maybe it’s a type of cheese or you went to a sports event.  Tying this into the gift is a great way to really show you embraced the experiences they gave you and you’re appreciative. 


Here’s a checklist for you to help spark some ideas:

• Did they take you to a winery, park, craft shops, bakeries, or a local event?

• Did they ever mention their favorite foods or their allergies?

• What are their hobbies?

• Do they have houseplants?

• What color is their décor?


Now think about what to exclude or avoid


There are important nuances with gift giving as well.  Although white flowers like roses and lilies are stunning for a wedding in the USA, they can signify death in other cultures.  Sharp objects like scissors or envelope openers in a monogrammed desk set could signify you’re severing the relationship now that you’re gone.  It’s important to know these ahead of time and also think about the people who will be receiving the gift.  Here are some things to think about with regards to host family gifts and what to not include.


• Did they serve you wine during your visit? If so, was it red or white?

• Do they drink wine? Red wine is an acquired taste preference.  If they don’t drink wine or someone is a recovering alcoholic, make sure to exclude wine for the family gift.  You could always send a separate gift for the member who enjoyed and shared wine with you. 

• Did they mention chocolate? Not everyone enjoys chocolate. And for those who do; a preference for dark or light can be paramount.  You should also consider a gift basket that has candy, but also diabetes and diet friendly alternatives like dried fruits and crackers. 

• Other dietary restrictions to consider so you can make sure there is something for everyone in the gift are:

                  • Lactose intolerance (cheese, spreads, desserts, etc…)

                  • Are they gluten-free?

                  • Are they into healthy eating?

                  • Do they have a nut allergy?

• What color was the interior of their home? If you wanted to send flowers, matching their décor is a great way for them to appreciate your gift. You could even mention which room and where you see them looking their best.

• Did you take the time to listen to flower preferences or dislikes? Contrary to most opinions, not everyone loves roses!  If in doubt, ask someone from the family what their favorite is, or send a large fruit basket which can be beautiful and fun to eat. 


By picking the perfect gift basket for your host family it will show how grateful you were for their phenomenal hospitality.


Host Family Gift Suggestions:


Now it’s time to pick the gift by the type of stay you had or country.  Our partner can help you find the perfect host family gift and send it to more than 200 countries around the world.  The best part is you can sort by occasion so that the gift won’t hit one of the faux pas we mentioned above. 


Exchange Student Host Family Gifts:

Was your under age child living with another family overseas? Send them a non-alcohol gift basket. Do they have younger children? If so, pick a gift basket each family member can enjoy. Children sharing their home with exchange students sacrifice part of their parent’s attention. Choose a gift basket for the children to enjoy as well. Gourmet Bear to Spain or Treat Me Right to France.

how to find the perfect gift basket for Host Family

Gourmet Gift Basket to Spain

Treat Me Right Basket to France









Gift Ideas for Japanese Host Family Gift Basket:

They treated you to a culture that was unfamiliar. The lessons in Japanese brush painting and calligraphy were a highlight. The art of making mochi the traditional way was an experience. Your host family was gracious to teach you many of their customs and introduce you to new foods. The experience was astounding. Show you valued the visit with them by choosing a gift basket they will love. All-Star Wine Trio Gift Basket to Japan or Connoisseur’s Delight to Japan.

All-Star Wine Trio Basket to Japan

Connoisseurs Delight Basket to Japan









Gift Basket Host Family for a Missionary:

They welcomed you in their home while you were serving God in their country. A blessed family with such warm hearts gave you a place to call home. You will never forget the friendship and want to give back to show you appreciated every moment you spent abroad. Sending a basket of carefully picked items that are not normally available to them will be a delight that they can enjoy and savor. Taste The Season, Burst of Summer, Cheese Plate Perfection Basket, or Garden Dreams Bouquet are just a few suggestions.

Taste the Season Fruit Basket

Cheese Plate Perfection

Garden Dreams Bouquet









Study Abroad Host Family Gifts:

Studying abroad you learned to speak their language fluently. Exposed to the rich culture of your host family, you gained an experience you could never achieve in a classroom. Show them the gratitude by sending a gift basket that represents your culture. A tempting basket of culinary delights select from an array of wines, chocolates, cheese, crackers, etc. A Trip To The Vineyard, All Things Ghirardelli, Sliced and Savory Crate, or Charming Cheeses.

Trip to the Vineyard

All Things Ghirardelli

Sliced and Savory Crate









Remembering Your Host Families during the Holidays:

With your continued connections with your host family and the bond you made over the months of your extended stay has left warm fond memories and a lasting friendship. Keep it alive with a special basket for Christmas. There are many gift baskets for every occasion and Christmas is a great time to give. They will delight in having the opportunity to share your gift with their guests throughout the festive season. A few suggestions to start, Warmth of the Fire, Holiday Wishes Basket, Ultimate Holiday Basket, or Deck the Table Gift Basket.

Warmth of the Fire

Holiday Wishes Basket

Ultimate Holiday Basket

Deck the Table Gift


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