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Tarragon a Delightful Culinary Herb


Tarragon will it be French or Russian

They are both similar in appearance, but is much milder and less flavor in the Russian variety.


French tarragon

Fondly named “little dragon”. I read from one source it could be because the roots look like a mass of serpents or because of its fierce flavor. Another interpretation of the name was that it may refer to the plant’s presumed ability to cure poisonous bites.


Russian tarragon

Simply referred to as “false dragon”. I guess that means the difference there would be between “gold” and “fool’s gold”. Not the real thing but just as shiny. You can’t  cash in on fool’s gold, but with the Russian tarragon you would still get flavor, it would just be mild. The difference between a bell pepper and a hot chili pepper. Okay, enough metaphors!


French tarragon flavor is a lot like aniseed. It goes great in chicken and egg dishes.


Tarragon is one of those herbs that are part of the ingredients of  “fines herbes”. Put a fresh sprig of tarragon in a bottle of vinegar, use on salads and in mayonnaise.


How about adding chopped up tarragon leaves to butter or creamy sauces? Great compliment to vegetables like asparagus.  Use with seafood, meats, chicken and great in marinades.


Tarragon a forgotten herb that sits on the side line. Powerful herb with flavor and a part of  “great cook’s” pantries. So when you are planning your herb garden, pick up a plant. What more flavor throw in the tarragon and your not so exciting dishes will turn in to a new experience for your palette.


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