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Make Herbal Oils and Vinegars for Home and Gifts


Making  herbal oils and vinegar

Want a great burst of flavor for your extra virgin olive oil? How about putting pizzazz into that plain white vinegar?

Flavoring your oils or vinegar is a great use of your herbs. They are a plus for your culinary skills. What a great personal touch to a gift, not just for Christmas but many other gift giving times throughout the year. It will show someone you care enough that you have taken the extra time to create from the heart. 


 Find a suitable container

If you decide to give away your prepared oils and vinegar, get a fancier bottle to present them. Be very careful, don’t get an inferior container with “lead”. It is not suitable for food products. A fancy bottle of the wrong kind, can ruin your good intentions of a personal gift.

If you use the bottles that the oils or vinegar come in, it might be fun to remove the labels and attach your own label. This can add a very personal touch. If you have an artistic talent, you could even use safe paints for glass and decorate the glass bottle. Follow instructions if you do. Or etch on the glass. Again, always follow recommended instructions. 


 How to make oils and vinegar

Put fresh herb sprigs in a bottle and cover with oil or vinegar. Experiment with herbs and combinations. One cup of fresh herbs to one quart vinegar, this is only a suggested amount. Herbs mellow out vinegar as it ages, just like wine mellows out with aging. You can add garlic chopped or crushed to vinegar and oils along with herbs. Red or green small chili peppers with herbs can make an aromatic oil that looks attractive in the bottle.



Many vinegars to choose from but white and cider are superb choices. Flavor with any of the following herbs, basil, bay, chervil, chives, cilantro, dill, fennel, marjoram, mint, rosemary, sage, tarragon and thyme. 



There are several oils you can use such as olive, sunflower, and avocado. Basil, bay, fennel, garlic, sage, summer savory and thyme make excellent additions to enhance the oils.

Use the oils and vinegar to enhance salads, pizza or many dishes. The infusion picks up the flavor of the herb.

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