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Freelance Writer



Misconceptions about Freelance Writers


Freelance copy writer Anderson, CA

Freelance Writer

The word “free” in freelance does not mean services rendered are at no cost.


You would never ask your plumber to fix your broken pipe for free, just to see if they are a good fit for your plumbing needs.


Some companies ask for freelance writers to do spec writing to see if they are a good fit for what they need.


As a freelance writer my time is valuable as your, plumber, hairdresser, and mechanic’s time.


Asking for samples of my writing is normal. My portfolio is on this website.


Trying out a Freelance Writer


If you are not sure if a writer is a fit for your needs then try small projects with them.

Property of 2-12-2018

Projects I write for free are causes of which I believe in or for my non-profit.


Good copy takes time to research and understanding the product to be sold.


Anyone can write general information on a product.


A copywriter finds the hidden gems and knows the best words for marketing.




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