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Frequently Asked Questions

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• How do I find my ideal audience?

• How do I get my emails opened?

• How do I retain clients and what do I need in place to make them think of me first?

• How to know if my investment on marketing is working?

• Why should I not give so many choices?

• What do I need to help my sales team be more successful?

• What claims should I make about my product?

• What is the difference between benefits and features?

• Why your product production is valuable information?

• How to improve selling by video?

• Why you should not link to everyone that wants a link?

• Why you should quit using cliches?

• Why overused words are going on deaf ears?

• What is a freelance writer?

• How to work with a freelance copywriter?


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As a copywriter:

I help businesses grow through marketing.

Bringing products and services to the world.

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Shasta County, California

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