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Low Stress Holiday Parties


December: The Party Month

The best party month of the year is December. 

Ah yes, don’t we all love December! The weather is cold if you live in the northern hemisphere. If you are far enough north, you may have snow. Okay, I feel sorry for those that shovel snow off their sidewalks. Don’t envy anyone that has to drive in the snow either.

Other than the snow, cold, and enormous heating bills, December brings a delight to those that want to party.  But does the stress of the holidays take its toll on your nerves?


Parties at home

Let’s make it easier to enjoy and have fun. Would be easy if you could talk everyone else into having parties at their homes! Well, good luck with that if it has not been the case in the past. Everyone likes to return to the fun homes.

Bah humbug!


Cleaning your home

The most annoying thing is the constant cleaning to keep a respectable place for holiday company. You don’t want any gossip of your messy house. See them take care of the plans and still keep a spotless house!

Conquer this obstacle by quick clean-ups each day. If you got kids get them involved, you shouldn’t be the only one doing it. You want fun like everyone else and you should not be the only one doing the work.


The magic word

So how do you cut back on your work load? Still shop, entertain, and get to enjoy the holidays? Delegate, yep, get nerves of steel and delegate! You must delegate to stay sane by New Year’s Day.

Let others help you decorate. When your guests arrive, announce you had lots of extra help this year which you appreciate and give the ones that helped credit for doing it. This way no one can judge your feeble attempt at decorating this year. Off the hook. Next year the gang might do a better job. Besides now that they have become a part of the decorating crew, they will pay more attention to other homes they visit.


Baking for the holidays

Okay, we don’t want to stop at cleaning and decorating. You need to get them on board with the baking. You want cookies and other treats right? Tell them the menu and ask them to volunteer with what is on your list. If they don’t volunteer, then you guessed it… delegate. If they balk at this, you will remind them that Christmas is about family, giving, and not wearing their mother out. Everyone needs to share in the work.

Now with control over the situation, why not make things easier by using disposable plates or cups? Save the best chinaware and crystal fluted glasses for the dinner table.


Holiday entertainment

To keep everyone entertained, there are printable Christmas games to download and even ones that will take you into the New Year. Don’t underestimate the fun and laughter by playing games together. You want a party to remember, then just give it that little extra special twist that others don’t.

What is the word of the day? Yep… delegate!

Have fun during the festive season. Life is far too short to end the holidays frazzled.

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