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Kids Party Planning on a Budget Made Easy


Great party on a budget

You can pay for companies to entertain your kids, I guess that is fine if you have a large budget. What happened to the days when you interacted with your own kids and had great laughs doing it? Games and fun things are easy to plan for and your kids won’t miss the animal balloons, the clown, face paintings and bounce house.

They may want it but when you are on a budget, it just does not fit in with saving money. (Buy face paints and do it yourself or enlisted a friend.)


Plan the party

Putting thought into the plans can be rewarding and if you get your kids involved with the preparation, they will believe it was the best party in town. Because they helped, and you loved them enough to let them get involved in the planning. Less money on party equals nicer birthday gift… any kid should understand that!


Don’t overspend on a party

Pick games that burn lots of energy and you will soon find them laughing. When you are on a budget, you should not feel pressured by your kids or anyone else. Doing so will leave resentment and puts a damper on the enjoyment.

You might find you have a lower tolerance for others if you over spend. So do everyone a favor and don’t have more party than you can afford.


Theme parties scaled down to fit your budget

Children soon bounce back from not having their own way, even when their heart is set on the same theme party someone else had with a cost of more than you can swing. A party on your budget and a nicer gift or no party at all. Children know something is better than nothing.

Never let your children, as much as you love them, be in charge of your budget. You will be the one that has to make sure they are fed, clothed and sheltered for the next year. Little kids do understand, they may not be happy but life isn’t always perfect.


The best party memories

My daughter and her friends remember the party that was when we interacted with them and they had such a terrific time. Many of the best times are the free ones. Your kids will cherish the little things.

My parents had me late in life and one of the most fond memories is when they both played catch with me. If you had known my parents you would understand why that was so significant in my life.


Party games

After wild and crazy game choices. You can plan other games you find on the internet. Many can be downloaded. Some are free and others you pay a small fee. If you plan on having more parties, you could get one of their collections of birthday games.

Keep prizes small and make sure every child goes home with something.


What to serve

The age of the children will determine the best beverage for them. Little kids don’t want fancy. They enjoy drinking milk and juice. With older kids it might be a great idea to fix a punch.

Birthday cake, if your are celebrating a birthday. Ice cream is always fun to have with cake. How long the party lasts will decide how much food you will want to serve.


Don’t waste money on a big menu.

So many kids are excited that they have a problem eating. This is a waste of food and money to offer a large menu if they are young. Providing more food than what the children eat in a normal afternoon will be an expense that you don’t need.

Cake and ice cream is enough. Give them too much and you will see over half of the food on their plates wasted.

Better to keep your budget under control on this one. Parents will appreciate you not sending their kids home with a tummy ache.

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