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Email Ad Sample

Email Headline and 75 words of body text (Fictitious Product)


Waken to Heavenly Delights of Freshly Brewed Coffee  (Headline)


“Alexa, brew 4 cups of coffee.”


The smell of coffee puts a smile on your face as you wake the kids. Your schedule is busy enough.


For the connoisseur, Smarta Coffee Maker has a built-in grinder. Program your Smarta Coffee Maker to select time, beans, filtered, desired strength, cups, from the convenient app on your phone.


Arrive home after a hard day. Open the door, and aroma of fresh brewed coffee greets you. Bliss… 


Email Sample: a fictional robotic vacuum cleaner (Fictitious Product)


Tired of dragging out the vacuum? (Headline)


Time to let iRoboclean help you.


Voice or app controlled, via phone or smart home devices.


Infrared sensors keep iRoboclean from crashing into your furniture.


Navigates different floor surfaces. Power boost for carpets. Filter traps 99 percent pet allergens.


iRoboclean deep cleans where the dog eats and high traffic areas.


Coming home to a clean house gives you time to cook dinner and help the kids with homework.


Big plus; no cleaning lady to pay.


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