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Education the Secret to Staying Young


Earn a degree online learningIf you keep learning whether at a higher education facility or just online information, this can be the component to being engaged with the world.


A person can be wrapped-up in everything wrong with society and stagnate. Or they can learn something of value.


The value can enhance their life or others around them. Acquire a new hobby can be enriching.


As a young student in school I enjoyed math, home economics, and art. Everything else was a boring waste of time.


Subjects I hated in school contain more value today. Maybe as a youngster you can see no purpose for verbs, etc. History held no reasonable emphasis on anything in my life. Boring dates and disputes on territories. Science was interesting but was it necessary to know the chemical symbols?


With glimpses of memories I may have learnt information I now seek.


Young minds have a hard time grasping the value of learning stuff that doesn’t affect their lives.


You wonder if it might have been smarter to pay attention as the lessons were being taught. Or was it that our young minds could not comprehend the knowledge fed into our little brains?


Problem Solving your most valuable tool

Even if you tuned out in school, there’s hope for furthering your education. One of the best tools you have at your disposal is “problem solving”. If you are good at this, you can conquer many difficult subjects.


Online learning is great as you can learn at your own pace.


Look for answers on Google and someone will point you in the right direction.


Free University Lectures online

I have an extreme interest in Psychology. There are 400+ hours of “FREE” online University lectures on psychology. Pick what interests you and login to hours of free learning whether psychology or some other university class.


The opportunities today are amazing without ever having to pay a dime to get an education.


The benefits to this education are: You become a more interesting person with knowledge on many subjects. You can feel comfortable to talk with highly educated people. You can wake-up in the morning eager to learn something new.


The more you learn, the more desire to acquire new knowledge.


Do you want a degree or just obtain information? Some things you can’t learn in a college or university. They might teach you the fundamentals but lack the qualities you need to function in a-hands-on-job.


Sometimes you must go to Universities. If you want to practice medicine, this requires a degree. I am grateful for those who chose the fields that are difficult and require years of dedication to complete. They deserve the salary for their efforts. But this comes at a high price tag for an education.


If a person has no desire to acquire mammoth student loans. A degree may not be necessary if it’s a job they can accomplish with hard work, the help of a mentor, or under an apprenticeship.


Visited Simpson University in Redding, CA for The Inauguration Ceremony of Dr. Norman Hall. He is now their 15th President. I admired the whole procedure and the dedicated professors. (The ceremony.)


Many professions require a degree and a well-rounded education. This protects society from harm.


Do you need to rack up a heavy debt? Do you have 4 years? Is a degree necessary? Can a mentor in the field teach you? Do you need the extra curriculum required to work in a field you love?


I wonder if you spend 4 years book learning if you are better equipped than someone who does hands on learning. And especially by a mentor that works in the field daily.


This can be a matter of choice and not a debate whether an organized education is the best route to follow. I am for both methods. But in the end it comes down to exercising your mind to stay young.

Do you have a thirst for knowledge now that you no longer have to be in a classroom?

Do you feel that learning new things keeps your mind sharp?

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