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Did The Cat Eat Cake?


Problem solving with other people's inputProblem Solving: Did The Cat Eat Your Cake?

Got your curiosity about the title? And yes, there’s a real story behind the headline.


We all have problems in life. Dealing with what appears as a big issue can be laughable in the end.


Behind the story is a devious, but lovable feline. Many years ago, when my daughter was 15 years old, she helped a friend. Her friend’s mother was having a birthday. She was taking cake decorating in school. It was an opportunity to practice her culinary skills. She mixed up the batter and poured it into two pans.


The baked cake layers were cooling on the glass stove top.


When time to remove the cakes from the pans, my daughter entered the kitchen. Planning to continue with the preparation for finishing up the birthday cake. She screamed from the kitchen, “RASCAL!” I heard Rascal jump off the counter. Proceeded to the kitchen to see what trouble Rascal caused.


I was laughing at what had transpired. My daughter didn’t find Rascal’s actions amusing.


One inch from the pan’s side were tiny little nibbles around the entire first cake. She got caught halfway around the second layer. It was hilarious. My laughter did not help. In despair, my daughter panicked. Time was running out. She needed to get the cake done. My suggestion was don’t tell anyone that Rascal helped put her designer touch on the cake. Once you frost it, no one will ever know.


Techniques for problem solving.

Sometimes solutions are simple to figure out, as with our cake eating culprit. You look at alternatives. Are there other choices? Depends on the circumstances involved.


What happens when an answer isn’t obvious? I read Einstein outlined his problem before going to sleep at night and instructed his brain to go to work. Apparently, it worked exceptionally well for him. I’ve tried it many times, but I get my answers in the middle of the night. Einstein would get his answers sometimes the next morning. Got to work on that part!


Creative solutions to problems

Being creative in your thoughts can help solve problems. Sometimes it might not make any sense and your ideas appear foolish. Never dismiss even the silliest ideas. Hidden in there might be the ultimate key to an excellent fix.


Asking for help

Ask others how they might fix a problem. Their solution might not work or seem logical, but with knowledge from a different perspective may produce results. Many inventions were created to solve problems. How many inventions solved a different problem than what was intentionally anticipated?


Problem-solving will always be necessary. There’s more than one solution to solving the same problem for everyone.


Maybe a flash of brilliance

Random objects can help you see things on a different level. They don’t necessarily have a connection with your problem. Just observing your surroundings could trigger a flash of brilliance. What pops into my brain doesn’t have to make sense. If it solves the problem, who cares? We should consider all possibilities. Whether it be through others’ input, dreams, unrelated connections or objects, meditation, intuition, and numerous other possibilities.


Over to you…

Do you have any interesting problem solving solutions or any crazy stories to share?



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