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Allow others to help create what you can’t.


We need others to help us survive in life. Together we are stronger.


Being good at several things does not mean you have to be good at everything. When one tries to do everything, something has to suffer.


There are lots of super talented people who should be given an opportunity. If they love doing what they are good at, this becomes the ideal situation.


The trouble lies when you think you have to be everything to everyone and to your business. Short cuts and sanity lurks when you hand the reins over to those who can do it better and faster.


Loosen the grip of control to those who can achieve better results. Give up what you struggle with and hate to do, you’ll sleep better at night.

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A scenario, to make a chocolate cake.


You don’t go out and harvest wheat turning it into flour. You don’t go to where the cacao trees grow, harvest the beans, and make your own chocolate. Milk, eggs, chocolate, wheat, all the ingredients you need for the cake are found as you wander the isles of your favorite grocery store. And if you want a faster way to make chocolate cake, you pick up a cake mix in the baking isle.


This is the same principle as not doing what others can do better and quicker than you. To run a company more efficiently, you find short cuts.


The same goes for marketing, you know your product, but do you understand how to advertise for the best ROI?


Copywriters trained in the most effective way to advertise, are an asset to your company. What makes your product unique and why should someone buy yours instead of your competitor? Without the knowledge of how to portray your product in the eyes of the buyer as being the best, you can miss out on many sales.


Sometimes owners are so close to the production of their product they are not aware of what can convince a potential customer from not interested, to can’t live without it. This is where copywriters enter the picture of your marketing plan.


As a copywriter:

I help businesses grow through marketing.

Bringing products and services to the world.