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What is Behind Their Story?


Homelessness or what is their story


Behind Everyone is a Story

Standing in line at our local grocery store is normally uneventful, but not on this day.


Customer service is poor. They never got the memo from the big chains that 3′s a crowd.  As we (me and hubby) approached the front of the store, the line was increasing. With 10 people lined up and no one called for another checker.


Not as things appeared

Got closer to the checkout stand. There was a second checker, no line. My first thought was, did she post a closed sign? But that wasn’t the case.

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Did The Cat Eat Cake?


Problem solving with other people's inputProblem Solving: Did The Cat Eat Your Cake?

Got your curiosity about the title? And yes, there’s a real story behind the headline.


We all have problems in life. Dealing with what appears as a big issue can be laughable in the end.


Behind the story is a devious, but lovable feline. Many years ago, when my daughter was 15 years old, she helped a friend. Her friend’s mother was having a birthday. She was taking cake decorating in school. It was an opportunity to practice her culinary skills. She mixed up the batter and poured it into two pans.


The baked cake layers were cooling on the glass stove top.


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Can We Tolerate Silence?

Can we tolerate silence


The deafening sound of silence fills my head. Yet, there’s no noise, only the rhythmic ticking of the wall clock.


The old familiar sound that tells me of the passing minutes. Is it there to remind me I should be asleep? Or time to question why I’m awake?


Pondering thoughts on silence

I ponder things I need to do. Part of me wants to get up and write or bake bread! But I’m not prepared to wake anyone else. They don’t need to know I can’t sleep.


So, I lay awake rehearsing conversations or reminiscing about what I’ve read. Time for creative thoughts. Craving to be lulled back to sleep.


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Human Survival Depends on Teachers

Human Survival Depends on Teachers


Survival of the human race is dependent on teachers. I’m specifically excluding the scholastic teachers. We gain benefits with an education, but survival exists as long as we have the fundamentals for survival.


Humans are not like the sea turtle. Their survival is solely driven by instinct. The female turtle is attracted to the beach, where she digs a hole, lays eggs, and buries them. After completing the task, she returns to the ocean.


What happens to the turtles after they hatch is instinctual. They crawl out of the sand and start their journey to the ocean. Whether they make it depends on the challenges they face. No one teaches, it’s just part of their DNA.


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Women and Banks

women and business and finance

Credit Cards and Women


Oh my! Irritated! I have a store credit card in MY NAME. I get an email wishing my hubby a Happy Birthday and a reward for his birthday month! WHAT, it is my birthday month, not his and the card is in my name not his.


I have a bank credit card in my name with hubby’s name as secondary person. He gets the email saying use it or they will cancel it. WHAT! Why wasn’t I sent the email?


Same bank. I can’t see all the credit cards that have both our names, via the online version. I asked the bank why, but the answer makes no sense. Something about not all the cards are shown due to space. WHAT! This is online, why isn’t there enough space? At least they are not showing my personal savings account on his online information.

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