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Can We Tolerate Silence?

Can we tolerate silence


The deafening sound of silence fills my head. Yet, there’s no noise, only the rhythmic ticking of the wall clock.


The old familiar sound that tells me of the passing minutes. Is it there to remind me I should be asleep? Or time to question why I’m awake?


Pondering thoughts on silence

I ponder things I need to do. Part of me wants to get up and write or bake bread! But I’m not prepared to wake anyone else. They don’t need to know I can’t sleep.


So, I lay awake rehearsing conversations or reminiscing about what I’ve read. Time for creative thoughts. Craving to be lulled back to sleep.


In those younger years

Hard to believe as a teenager I went to bed at 9 pm. And struggled to arise at 8 am. Has life become complicated? More responsibilities mean more worries. Will it become easier with time? Or am I wired to be restless and concerned?


I hear the cats with funny little meowing noises as they twitch their feet, as if running. What are they dreaming? What is their indoor fantasy world?


Not the only one awake

A few cars on the road. Is their destination work or home? So, I’m not the only person awake, but that’s no comfort.


Alone with my thoughts in the night’s silence. No distractions of significance in the dimly lit room. The glow of the alarm clock, which promises not set to arouse me at a ridiculous hour.


A temporary awakening or will it last for hours? Soon it becomes obvious I’m in for a longer duration. Time wasted fighting it.


Long gone are the days I could lull around under the covers. Sleeping in was a luxury I took for granted. Today it’s never more than a long ago fantasy of indulgence.


Grateful 5 AM is no longer my waking hour. By 7 AM, my body aches from the confinements of a horizontal position.


Is there value in silence?

Does the significance of trivial matters diminish over time? Is one’s value measured in what we leave the world? Making it a better place, or another determined worth?


Does wakefulness revel guidance? Perhaps the time of utter silence may hold a lesson to be learned.


As I lay awake with my thoughts or awakened by thoughts. I shall not complain of hours alone in the night’s silence. The treasures they bring are far greater than the inconvenience of losing sleep.


The benefits of silence

Not distracted by visual or excessive audio gives full attention to the thoughts in your head. The time will solve problems and answer questions.


It will help bring clarity to future decisions. To fight the thoughts will only bring extreme tiredness in the morning.


Allowed to run the course of where your thoughts take you, many issues will become clearer. Decisions made are easier without distractions.


Tolerating silence

My cousin was telling me one of her relatives had to have the TV on 24/7. Can’t be alone without noise is a sad existence.


Tolerating noise has its perks. Can you sleep through any blaring noise? It has the potential to bring positive outcomes or negative consequences. Not waking up to real dangers can be deadly. Someone yells fire and you don’t respond, not good. Or someone breaking into your home while sound asleep. The outcome could cost you your life. But sound sleep allows you to wake up energized.


A somber silence

Twice in my life I experienced a somber silence with in a community.


The first was October 17, 1989 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Loma Prieta earthquake hit. It was an eerie feeling. A disconnect. No communications, not even the phone lines.


The second was September 11, 2001, the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York. The entire nation and numerous countries were in shock. You can’t walk away without being touched.


The silence makes you think and get in touch with your vulnerable existence.


How about you ?

Do you fall asleep as soon as you hit the pillow?

Or is falling asleep not the issue, but staying asleep that destroys the bliss?

Do you find them creative hours or just a frustrating waste of time?





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