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Review: Live Chat vs FAQ’s

Review Live Chat vs FAQ's


FAQ’s are a great asset to companies. Many answer most questions. In return it frees up precious employee time having to repeat normal every day questions.


Although at times FAQ’s can be like a carousal, going round and round with no actual solution. With exhaustive maneuvers, I am glad for the alternative.


Love the live chats.

I’m sure the customer service folks agree. In black and white, a customer can say what problem they are encountering. The person at the other end types out a reply with no interruptions. Both people can stay focused on the issue at hand. A more civilized manner by the customer and less stress for the employee.


Automated Answering Service

Customer is angry by the run around on the automated answering service until they can talk to a real person. The longer the wait, the more agitated the customer. The employee takes the brunt of this anger.


Live chat is usually answered shortly after you login. After a brief introduction, you enter your question. Many times I get more information than I was expecting. The chat platform gives me an opportunity to reword their response, so I have no doubt what they are telling me. At times saving me dollars that I may have spent without the knowledge they provided.


I understand the need for automated service. Directing calls to the right person. But is 8 prompts necessary? And once you pick one number they give you more prompts. Arrive at the right prompt, you are asked to hold. What? The music plays and 20 minutes later a person comes on the line.


You try to keep your cool. The person on the other end is your lifeline for help. Your time is valuable too. But to the company it appears not a priority for them. Having to waste a half hour of your day on one call is ridiculous.


FAQ’s can’t answer everything.

Maybe live chat could speed up many businesses’ response time.


Customers that wait on the phone endlessly are not happy customers.


Live chats, pickup where FAQ’s leave off. If possible, a live chat is better than a phone call, less stress on both parties.


Does your business lend itself to a Live Chat? Programs within a business might do well with this service.


When someone wants to make an appointment, they need a person at the other end to work out dates and time. If this can’t be done smoothly, it won’t serve any purpose for customer or company.


Live chat gives me an opportunity to make sure my questions and concerns are answered without distraction. I prepare myself with questions. Pertinent questions can be side-railed when on the phone.


Live chat follows a simple flow of conversation. Hello. What is your question? You ask a question. You get an answer. If you want more clarity, you ask another question. You get an answer. Which may result in you asking another. No one is stressed on either end, because no one can interrupt. No impatience. Each person sees the other responding by little dots moving, indicating a reply is being typed. You wait as they reply. They may need to do research to find the answer. They can inform you what they are doing on their end. This gives you the impression they are fully focused on you, not distracted by anyone else.


Response time better with Live Chat.

Much faster than a phone call and more efficient.


I know live chat isn’t a favorite for everyone. but I prefer it to making phone calls. The results have been extremely successful. With a record of the conversation. Lots of companies will do a follow up email. Sometimes with the entire conversation. Other times with a summary of answers to my questions.


Many times these live chats have saved me money, just by a few questions on my part and more info on their part.


Lots to consider of how to make best use of customer service personnel. FAQ’s can start the process, to avoid answering the same old questions. Live Chat bridges the gap. There are times when person to person on the phone is the logical solution. As much as I love Live Chat, there are times it isn’t practical.



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