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This is from the About Us page that I wrote for a client:


What is a Spiritual Life Coach?


As your Spiritual Life Coach and Alchemist, we will embark on a journey together through art and meditation.

A spiritual life coach isn’t about religion. Spiritual means tapping into your mindset, your higher inner self. You will discover and learn what holds you back from your dreams and desires in life.

Life has challenges, obstacles, and problems. What you do with that knowledge can produce growth opportunities. We will focus on possibilities of how to be your authentic self.

As your life coach, we will identify together new strategies to support self-regulating and self-awareness. Validating your feelings and understanding how life’s events have impacted your life.

Trauma comes in many forms, both physical and mental. Never limited to age. No one knows what each of us goes through or how it impacts our lives. There is no judgment here.

Through my method of coaching, you will learn to rebuild trust and confidence. Together, we will develop problem-solving pathways to ensure success and the support for self-empowerment.


Why Art Therapy?


This is not an art class teaching you how to paint flowers or mountain scenes. Artistic skills are not required to benefit from creating art.

Through art therapy, you learn what is holding you back. Together, we can identify the negative and positive triggers that create your mindset. Empowering expectations and beliefs.

When you realize you have options, you learn to create your own opportunities for success and happiness.

You may not be able to change your environment or the people. But you can change the way you react.

Questioning the evidence of your current beliefs that no longer serve you.

When you question your beliefs, you grow.

As your spiritual coach, I will help you find clarity of mindset. With which you can make better decisions on your personal journey. In harmony with your higher self.

Art creates a safe place to release your emotions or feelings. Identifying triggers. Releasing emotions in a healthy way.


What Can I Expect from this Coaching?


Acknowledging and accepting your feelings. Not fixing your broken spirit, but honoring and owning it. Only when we know can we grow.

Trauma acknowledged and understood is when healing begins.

But what is your calling? Do you even know where to begin?

The hardships, the traumas, the tears, the heartbreaks. These are the burdens we carry. Bringing us to the true meaning of our existence.

But what is this knowledge of ourselves we must endure to find our purpose?

Overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, not knowing where to turn can leave you on the brink of many emotions. Tears, anger, feelings of desperation, and no clue of how to pull yourself together for those that need your sanity.

Do you ever feel alone? Do you ever wonder if you’re the only one that can’t cope with stress? Do you ever feel you are over-reacting and out of control? And you wonder what will throw you over the edge.

Craving peace and tranquility? An escape to harmony with mind, body, and soul?

As your Spiritual Life Coach, I can help you.


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Spiritual Life Coach & Alchemist

Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach

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