Freelance Writer



Freelance Travel and Content Writer

My name is Mary Stephenson. Born and raised in Canada. Lived most of my adult life in the United States, in California. 


Copywriter training through AWAI. 


Member of AWAI, PWA, Pangian, and Redding Breakfast Lions Club. 


My studies were in many fields of psychology ranging from: general psychology, research and data analysis, scientific approaches to consciousness, educational psychology, human growth and development, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and human emotion.


Shipping coordinator for over 20 years, with additional experience in invoicing, packaging, and quality control over products, which required a high demand for accurate details.


Ran many websites which I created the designs and content for since 2010.


Interested in natural healing and strive to find alternatives to stay healthy.


Catalog Marketing for Black Dragon skin care line. 


Travel writer for California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.


Working and writing for a Non-profit Organization.


Won “Lion of the Year 2017” from Redding Breakfast Lions Club.


Web editor and Co-creator of Redding Breakfast Lions Club website.


I’m a wife, mother, and a baby boomer, lots of experience in life contribute to my knowledge.


Have raised kittens from newborns to make excellent pets, showed cats, and owned cats most of my life.


Belonged to Fremont Art Association for a few years.