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Mary Stephenson-Freelance Writer

Today’s growing need for massive quantities of web content for all companies, the only practical way to keep up with the demand is to outsource.


Choosing freelance writers trained and verified in copywriting through AWAI is an option; as opposed to hiring more in-house staff.


You could go to job boards and place an ad. The only downside is that you may waste valuable time and money on someone who lacks training. 


The benefits of outsourcing work is that it frees up your staff. Your full-time employees won’t get burned out on the grueling task of creating new content with a fresh voice and perspective. Hire a freelancer and you don’t need to provide medical, vacation, or other benefits.


Do you need someone who can write compelling content? Do you need someone trained in persuasive email writing?


Let’s personalize your business.


People like to buy from those they know. Share your world with your customers. When they know who you are and that you genuinely care about them, you build a loyal customer.


– My studies are in psychology ranging from: general psychology, research and data analysis, scientific approaches to consciousness, educational psychology, human growth and development, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and human emotion.


– Worked as a shipping coordinator for over 20 years, with experience in invoicing, chain store manuals of pack to ship instructions, and quality control of products, all those tasks required a high demand for accuracy.


– Since 2010 I have ran many websites creating the designs and content.


– Done research in natural healing.


– Catalog Marketing for Black Dragon skin care line. 


– Working and writing for a Non-profit Organization.


– Web editor and Co-creator of Redding Breakfast Lions Club website.


– Web content copywriter remote work from Anderson, California.


If you are interested to see if we could work together you can use the contact form at this link.




The personal stuff: one husband, one daughter, one granddaughter, and numerous cats over the years. A big sucker for Siamese and dark chocolate! Recently acquired 1 chocolate point and 1 blue point Siamese. Started a website called Two Felines. with these 2 characters at the forefront of all things crazy.

Two Felines

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As a copywriter:

I help businesses grow through marketing.

Bringing products and services to the world.