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Here is something to think about. According to an article in Forbes, it reads.

A bad manager makes for a bad experience.

And, rather alarmingly, research shows that 82% of managers are bad.


Guest Post on “How Great Marketing Copywriters Think”

Los Angles Tribune contributor (read more)


Pro-Writing Aid has added a new feature to help you write better. “Sparks” is the name.

Also new AI to improve your writing skills.

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Read this informative article on AI programs, before deciding.


You have a business… YOU need online presence.

need great copywriter

You also need emails.

Every $1 invested in email marketing generates $38. (Source: Barilliance Ltd.)

ROI for Social Media is $1.17 for each dollar.


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People are buying online in rapid numbers.


The Covid lockdown propelled online sales to record increases that shot way up instead of a steady rise as it had in previous years. Your marketing needs to be eye-catching to your targeted audience if you want your business to grow and surpass your competition.


Even as the slow down of Covid restrictions lessened, the demand for online sales kept rising. This is the new business model of the future.


Never underestimate the power of the internet for propelling your business. Brick and mortar businesses can benefit from online presence. Who really uses phone books anymore? In reality, the internet is your new yellow page ad. The internet is a better use of advertising dollars.


Customers are willing to try different products. They are no longer brand loyal. This good news for the small business.


Let us work together and build your brand.


Creative Persuasive Content

Do you need creative persuasive web content, catalog descriptions, case studies, email campaigns, or information on marketing? As a trained copywriter I know how to make your product or service stand out above your competition, even if there is little difference between your businesses.


Are there things you could do to improve your website? Do you need a site audit? You know your product but does your potential client? Are you losing opportunities by not including valuable information on your website? Your credibility and sales could improve by simple little tweaks. Want to have an evaluation of your site?


Clear concise writing is not only easier to read, it is more believable.


Together we can make your website more impressive to potential customers. And why they should choose you over your competitors.


Web content copywriter serving you remotely from Anderson, California.


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Are you really, honestly prepared for your next road trip? This is a must have book if you are in the travel industry.

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Samples of my writing can be viewed on my BlogPortfolio, Topic, and Review pages.

For more examples of my writing check out Redding Breakfast Lions Club website. I’m their web editor and co-designer. Also owner of Two Felines.

Recent contributor of LA Tribunes Special Leader Edition for March 2023. The Art of Writing, Creating, and Persuasion


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