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Does your Home page reflect your business by answering your visitor’s most important questions?

You don’t sell on the Home page you inform, you answer visitors pressing questions.


You have a business… YOU need online presence.


You only have a few seconds to convince your visitors that they are on the right site.


The Home page is the most important part of your website. So many get it wrong and lose customers.


Visitors ask a question to arrive at your website. You need to answer it, or they leave. Don’t expect them to dig around to answer it themselves.


You are trying to grow a business with little time to learn all the ins and outs of online marketing. That is where copywriters come in to propel your business.


We have been taught how to write. You know your part of the business and can’t be expected to master the content of your website.


With the high demand for compelling content and so little time to accomplish this in your growing business the solution might be to hire an AWAI trained freelance copywriter.


Do you need creative persuasive web content, catalog descriptions, case studies, email campaigns, or information on marketing? As a trained copywriter I know how to make your product or service stand out above your competition, even if there is little difference between your businesses.


Are there things you could do to improve your website? Do you need a site audit? You know your product but does your potential client? Are you losing opportunities by not including valuable information on your website? Your credibility and sales could improve by simple little tweaks. Want to have an evaluation of your site?


Who is your customer? Are they business to business (B2B) or (B2C) business to consumer? B2B requires equal time spent on both features and benefits in your advertising. When you are selling B2C you need to spend more time on the benefits.


Clear concise writing is not only easier to read, it is more believable. Confusing the reader with complex words they need to look up in the dictionary will confuse them and they will quit reading or resent you for showing off.


Together we can make your website more impressive to potential customers by explaining better of how you serve them and why they should choose you over your competitors. Web content copywriter remote work from Anderson, California.


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Copywriting is creative, persuasive marketing. Are you in need of a copywriter?

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